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Communication Workshops

Youthline Wellington has held a long successful career supplying personal and group development courses to our volunteer base, as well as to many other community based groups. 

We have received positive feedback on our communication courses and the capacity for participants to integrate empathetic interpersonal skills in their workplace and personal lives. 

Therefore, we have decided to extend our programme and share these methods throughout the wider community by providing the following specialised workshops to assist others to achieve a efficiently communicative working environment. 

As Youthline is committed to community development being accessible to all we wish to make this professional development opportunity available at a very modest cost to your organisation.

We offer three different 3-hour workshops. Click below for more information

Strengthening Communication with a Focus on Customer Service

Strength-based Communication and Inter-personal Support Strategies

Team Development and Strength-based Communication

Please note that all workshops will be held at your own premises and some customisation to your specific organisation or workplace can be accommodated.