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Hauora Merch

We are super excited to announce our new merch line!

Presenting: Hauora - designed by Talisker Scott Hunter!
Purchase details below!


From the designer:

This design is based on the concept of 'Te Whare Tapa Whā' - the four cornerstones of Maori health. For this illustration, I sought to represent these four aspects of wellbeing by depicting two braided rivers and two tree trunks, converging into a central lake, from which a torrent of foam and mist emerges. In terms of style, I was eager to evoke the illustrative style of traditional Maori/ Pasifika art, as well as the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. Personally, these two styles represent the convergence of a European/Pacific appreciation for our earth's natural beauty, complexity and diversity. As individuals and New Zealanders, these concepts are found within both our land and ourselves. Through this design, I sought to highlight the importance of acknowledging beauty, complexity, and diversity; particularly in our approach to mental health.

hauora drawing final

Our Hauora merch is available to be printed on Black or Grey Marle Stencil Hoods, Staple tees or Mali tees. Hoodies are $60 and Tees are $30; we are able to courier these anywhere in Aotearoa for an additional fee!


We are so grateful for Talisker’s work and encourage you to check out his work in Instagram here: