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Host an Event

Every year Youthline is involved in hundreds of events around the country!

These include events such as Expos, the Special Children's Christmas Party, Orientation Weeks, Youth Week, Gigs, Mufti days, Street Appeals, Bakeathons and much more.

Sometimes we're fundraising, sometimes we're raising awareness around a particular issue, and sometimes we're just having fun!

If there is an event that you would like us to come along to or one that you think we should be at - flick us an email or hit us up on Facebook (Youthline Wellington) and let us know. We can't promise to be at everything, but we will do our best to get to as many events as we can.

Host an Event

If you want to hold a fundraising event/activity for Youthline, whether you’re thinking of a bake sale at your work, a mufti day at school, or running a marathon with donations going towards Youthline - we want to hear from you!

Contact us for more information (04) 801 6924